How the Easter Bunny Invented Parkour

Once upon a time, the Easter Bunny was on his yearly egg-delivering mission. He hopped through towns and cities, delivering brightly-coloured eggs to children of all ages. But as he went about his task, he began to feel restless. Delivering eggs the same old way year after year had become boring to him.

The Easter Bunny was drawn by Coach Liv @ MWG.

One day, as he was about to hop over a fence to hide some eggs, he stumbled and fell. He felt embarrassed and frustrated, and he realized that he needed to find a new way to move that would allow him to be more agile and graceful.

And so, the Easter Bunny began to experiment with different movements. He hopped from one fencepost to another, practised jumping and landing on narrow ledges, and learned to balance on walls and railings.

At first, he struggled with the basics, falling and tripping more times than he could count. But he refused to give up, and he continued to practice day after day. Slowly but surely, the Easter Bunny began to develop his own unique style of movement. He combined his hopping and jumping abilities with acrobatic flips and rolls, using his powerful legs and nimble body to overcome any obstacle in his path.

As he continued to hone his skills, the Easter Bunny discovered that he had invented a new way of moving. He called it parkour, and he knew that it would revolutionize the way he delivered eggs.

From then on, the Easter Bunny incorporated parkour into his egg-delivering routine. He leapt over fences, scrambled up walls, and vaulted over bushes, all with a new sense of grace and style. The children of the world were amazed by the sight of the Easter Bunny doing parkour. They cheered and clapped as he bounded through the streets, his basket of eggs bouncing on his back. And the Easter Bunny felt a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that he had discovered a new way of moving that allowed him to be more agile, more graceful, and more exciting than ever before.

From that day on, the Easter Bunny continued to practice his parkour, always looking for new challenges and obstacles to overcome. And every year, on Easter morning, he would thrill the children with his daring feats of acrobatics, bringing smiles and laughter to all who saw him.