Youth Parkour Classes

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About the Class:

In our 45 minutes classes, we typically focus on one skill area. The students will have a warm up specific to the activities that will take place in the class, followed by three stations, each manned by one of our coaches. Each student will go through the station for around 8-10 minutes before switching. Each week, we alternate between playing a relevant “concept game” if we have the time, and running the students through a course that focuses on the skills being taught in bi-weekly cycles. 

Every 8 weeks in our youth classes, we host a “level-up” week to test students on everything they’ve learned. By earning a certain score by the coaches on the curriculum card they are awarded the next rank level wrist band! 

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The Program Includes:

In this program, you are eligible for one class plus one open gym a week. We encourage our students to attend open gyms, as it gives them an opportunity to work on skills they find challenging, continue to work on their fitness, and also to provide a safe space in which they can participate in parkour!

While open gym time inherently isn’t structured, there are coaches on the floor who can offer advice and suggestions to our students should they want it!

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Beginner Adult Parkour

(ages 17 and Up)
Wednesday @ 5:30 & 6:30pm
Thursday @ 5:30 & 6:30pm

I witnessed my sons life change in his first half hour in the gym.  

My son is active and athletic.  He has limitless energy and participates in many sports. But the gym is different.  Here he is challenged much differently and pushed both physically and mentally in a supported and positive way.  I have seen him grow emotionally and physically in just a few short weeks.  Stressing his strengths and talents, the staff has allowed him to address his challenges in a positive light. Making him feel successful each week regardless of he was able to perform a specific task.  He looks forward to each new week and has developed critical thinking and problem solving skills.  I am so grateful to the Maine Warrior Gym and the staff.