Ninja Warrior / Parkour Birthday Parties

Parties at the Maine Warrior Gym are sure to be one of the most memorable and exciting birthdays ever! Learn age-appropriate Parkour moves and take on obstacle challenges from the show American Ninja Warrior. Our trainers will make this event one to remember. If you are turning 5, 15 or 50, we have something to challenge and excite you!

  • The gym will be completely closed to everyone but the birthday party, so you will have your complete run of the place for 1-1/2 hours.
  • We’ll spend some time in the beginning orienting the group on the obstacles and gauging the age and ability so that our coaches can best help them on the obstacles.
  • Spend 30 minutes (optional) having cake or pizza in the reception area. (You provide food and paper goods as needed)
  • Upon request, finish the party with timed obstacle course running, similar to American Ninja Warrior. We are able to tailor the obstacle course to be age appropriate and challenging for all levels.
  • Pricing: $299 for up to 10 children. $18 per additional child.

“My son and his friends had an amazing time and it was the talk among them for a while. Thank you so much for an awesome experience.” – Betsi

NERF Battle Parties


A Parkour gym is probably the best place to have a nerf battle and we’ve got some insane games and challenges planned for everyone!

We have 24 Nerf Rival Kronos guns for use as well as plenty of ammo and eye protection which will be required because these babies pack a punch!

  • Deathmatch
  • Battle Royale
  • Hard point
  • Skill challenges
  • Team games
  • Pricing: $299 for up to 10 children. $18 per additional child.

Corporate Events

Bring your team to the Maine Warrior Gym for an amazing team building day. Our obstacle course is designed to be challenging for all ages and all skill levels. We can accommodate all skill levels and provide fun challenges for beginners, but even the toughest obstacle racer will find challenges here.

We can accommodate your team outing in many ways! Contact us for more info!

To discuss corporate events, please call: 207-370-4298