Maine’s Ninja Warrior, Parkour and Fitness

  Sneakers are required at the Maine Warrior Gym.  Please come prepared! 🙂

Our Programs:

Learn to become an American Ninja Warrior with our one-of-a-kind training program for kids ages 3-14 from beginner to advanced!

Students “level-up” by earning wrist bands to show their ninja rank!

Learn the art and sport of Parkour. Overcome obstacles with Speed, Style and Skill! These classes are available for beginner to advanced levels.



Learn to use your body super effectively, prevent injuries, stay strong and overcome challenges, physically and mentally for the rest of your life!


Introducing:  DATE NIGHT at the AXE PIT!!

Now, friday nights you can live-it-up at the Axe Pit, next door, while we hang with the kids and help them with their parkour skills!

More information on Date Night here.