Toddler Ninja Social

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Toddler Ninja Social

Discover a world of adventure with your toddler in our Toddler Ninja Social class! This engaging and interactive session is designed to enhance your child’s motor skills, balance, and coordination through playful activities and exploration. Join your little ones as they develop confidence, agility, and a love for movement, all while strengthening the special bond between you two.

Class Times: Sunday @ 9am & 10am, Wednesday @ 9am, Thursday @ 1pm
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Wee Ninja Class

Get ready for action-packed fun in our Wee Ninja Class! Led by our experienced coaches, this engaging group experience introduces young ninjas to the excitement of climbing, balancing, and playing interactive games. Through teamwork and exploration, your child will develop essential motor skills and confidence, setting the foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness and adventure.

Class Times: Tuesday @ 2:30, Wednesday @ 10am, Thursday @ 2pm, Friday @ 3:30
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Reserve your spot ahead of time as this class is in high demand!

Give your little one a head start in life with our engaging Toddler Ninja Social program. With a focus on fun, movement, and social interaction, our experienced coaches will provide a variety of activities and games that will prepare your young ones for a lifetime of adventure.

In our unique obstacle gym, your child will develop the physical and social skills necessary to excel in any sport or activity they choose. From rolling and falling to jumping and climbing, every movement will ignite their senses and build the foundation for overcoming challenges they’ll encounter along life’s amazing journey.

But it’s not just about physical development. Our Toddler Ninja Social program nurtures cognitive growth, and problem-solving abilities, and enhances brain functions. By learning “ninja” skills and embracing new challenges, your child will develop the confidence and resilience needed to conquer any obstacle that comes their way.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to set your child up for success. Enroll them in the Toddler Ninja Social program today and witness the transformation as they thrive both physically and mentally!

Reserve your spot now and let your child embark on an adventure that will shape their future. Together, we’ll unlock their potential and watch them soar!

Secure your child’s place in the Toddler Ninja Social program by calling 207-370-4298 or simply clicking the link below. Limited spots are available, so act fast!

Ignite their passion for movement, foster social connections, and empower your toddler to embrace every challenge that lies ahead. Join us for the Toddler Ninja Social – where every step is a giant leap towards greatness!