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Kids' Ninja Warrior Training

Give your kids a fun and exciting way to spend all of that energy and learn invaluable life skills with our Ninja Warrior program here at the Maine Warrior Gym.


Below are some very powerful stories of our students’ journeys in the program.

Amy Anderson says:

Maine Warrior Gym is a lifesaver. My son had just started his fifth-grade year at a new school. He was fearful and introverted, desperate not to do anything that would bring attention to himself. He was angry at his own lack of confidence. 

He started taking regular lessons at Maine Warrior Gym over a year ago. His inner and outer strength continue to grow exponentially.

Amy Boucher says:

Our daughter has always had confidence in herself. However, over the past 6 months that she has been at the Maine Warrior Gym, we have seen a passion in her for this gym and new confidence that I have never seen before.

Jill Callahan says:

My son is active and athletic.  He has limitless energy and participates in many sports. But the gym is different.  Here he is challenged much differently and pushed both physically and mentally in a supported and positive way.  I have seen him grow emotionally and physically in just a few short weeks.  
Stressing his strengths and talents, the staff has allowed him to address his challenges in a positive light. Making him feel successful each week regardless of if he was able to perform a specific task.  He looks forward to each new week and has developed critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Jeff Dorais says:

The Maine Warrior Gym has been an amazing place for my daughter to grow and become her own person.  My daughter struggles with multiple issues that can disrupt ones way of thinking and confidence.  Since she started at the Maine Warrior Gym she has gained more confidence in herself and has really started to shine. 


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Students earn Ninja Squad wrist bands for their accomplishments as they learn new skills.

This program features a completely unique Ninja Warrior / Parkour curriculum designed to inspire a life of fitness and good health and always push the envelope of what is possible. ‘Youth Ninja Sqaud’ is a recreational program that is great for all skill levels, and allows children to progress in small groups at their own pace while being awarded bracelets as they learn skills.

Ninja Warrior for Kids
Ninja Squad Bands

What Makes Our Youth Ninja Warrior Program So Special?


Our pro trainers have developed a specialized training program to help young people grow into strong confident individuals. 


We’re offering students from all across South Portland the perfect way to gain foundational athleticism and learn the joys of physical fitness.


Each and every session is held in a safe, supportive environment where students of all experience levels can find success. We have a cutting-edge Ninja Warrior setup that can help your child have a blast each and every time they join us. 


We teach the Maine’s youth a blend of Parkour and Ninja Warrior skills to round out both their ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and also give them a robust foundational skill set and the tools and knowledge to approach new challenges with confidence.


At Maine Warrior Gym, we also offer:

  • Youth Parkour – we teach fundamentals including running, jumping, and climbing, and as we build on these fundamentals it helps to improve one’s ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements.
  • Parkour Strength – In order to take the next step to increase your strength, specifically for the sport of Parkour, we optimize participants’ fast twitch muscles, increase explosive energy, and maximize their jump height to become an elite Parkour athlete!
  • Ninja Competition Team – This is a more intense class that will allow us to really get into SERIOUS Ninja Warrior training and conditioning. We are affiliated with the UNAA and NNL leagues.