Parkour Culture: The Motus Projects “Sole Destroyer” is now Live, and is absolute FIRE!

Few teams have had the influence and clout in the Parkour community as much as The Motus Projects. While groups like Storror may have the most views and followers and are famous in their own right for helping out the likes of Michael Bay in his movies, and famous for their viral content, The Motus Projects is keeping the heart of Parkour alive with their BTS (behind-the-scenes) style training videos, and their gorgeous cinematography in choreographed, artfully directed films.

Resurgence, their first film, sought to prove that the London Parkour scene wasn’t dead, that it just evolved. In their latest film, Sole Destroyer, The Motus Projects have proved that not only is the Parkour scene alive and well, but it’s becoming its own entity, with its own identity, featuring Parkour-inspired Rap music by Jimmy the Giant of Marrerogang fame, accompanied by thrashing metal tracks, which juxtapose the mental struggle that parkour can sometimes be for an athlete in their minds and the flow state they reach once they’ve achieved perfection in their jumps. The rawness of edits like these really exposes Parkour at its heart and “sole” (pun intended, sorry), showing that these athletes aren’t superhumans, and have fears and mental blocks just like anyone else.

What I personally love about this movie is the pacing; between the heavy-metal backed jumps and lines, you get to see the process of breaking jump (i.e. the steps it takes to successfully put a jump or line together), and that gets missed in today’s climate of click-bait videos and Instagram likes and follows. It’s more than just about the jumps; it’s about the people behind the jumps, the struggles with fear, the victories of conquering their environment. 

If you want to go see Sole Destroyer for yourself, it’s available for online purchase on The Motus Projects’ website for around $12.00. It’s well worth it though, as it’s supporting a team that’s literally and figuratively breaking ground in the sport, and continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Parkour.