Maine Parkour Challenge ’22

Introducing…. The first ever, MAINE PARKOUR SKILL CONTEST!

Designed for all ages (7-17) to compete in a competition of skill!

How well can you move?

During this competition there will be a number of challenges set up around the gym.  A 40-minute timer will be set for competitors to go around to any of the challenges they want and complete as many as possible.  Competitors should ensure that the judge is watching to get points for a completed challenge. The more challenges completed, the more points they get.  

Challenges will require a variety of different parkour techniques and will have varied difficulties.  Completing challenges in fewer tries or having a faster total completion time will act as a tiebreaker if necessary. There will be a skill walkthrough prior to competition time where we ensure everyone knows and understands the challenges. 

Ten semi-finalists will move on to round 2, and the three finalists will compete in a third round to determine first, second and third places!

CASH PRIZES!! Plus sweet PK swag from your favorite brands!

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Ages 7-9

Ages 10-13

Ages 14-17