Choose Your Own Adventure – Improvements to Ninja Squad!!

Choose Your Own Adventure – Improvements to Ninja Squad!!

With each day that passes, I am improving everything that I do.

– Mestre Calango, Capoeira Rosa Rubra

We are always trying to improve our programs to make our members happier, stronger, healthier and more successful!

Coach Ed and Caleb just finished up our BRAND NEW checklist for our Ninja Squadders!!! 

EVERYONE is DIFFERENT! And parkour is a great outlet for expressing your unique abilities. To that point this new list will help everyone feel more accomplished in class and set goals for themselves that play toward their own unique strengths and preferences!!

We will be allowing each student a couple “freebie” skills that will prevent them from getting “hung up” on a certain skill that is strength prohibitive, height prohibitive, etc.

The coaches have also revised the checklist based on some of the new obstacles that we’ve created, and retired some of the skills we not longer have setup at the gym.

We are mid-session with this current Ninja Squad group and just launching this new curriculum this week. After this session you can bet we will be opening up enrollment for the next session!!

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