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  • The New Mainstream ‘IN’ to Parkour

    The New Mainstream ‘IN’ to Parkour

    The childhood game that’s been played for who knows how long (seriously, I can’t find any official origin of tag) is now one of the largest Parkour events in the world! World Chase Tag (WCT) “was formed in 2011 by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux, after a game of Tag between Christian and his son, Orlando, in their back garden. The guys set to work on designing the ultimate course dimensions & scale of obstacles in order to perfectly balance the chase between the Evader & Chaser. This playing arena is known as The Quad. The Devaux Brothers staged extensive test sessions to experiment with the effect of changing small elements of each Quad design to ....

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  • How to Stretch when Training Parkour

    Have you ever woken up, got out of bed and start cracking and creaking like a glow stick all over your body and to you dismay, find yourself not glowing? While it’s improbable that you’ll ever enjoy spontaneous bioluminescence from your joints creaking and and cracking, it’s much more likely that your stiff, achy joints leave you feeling fatigued, grumpy, and generally miserable. It can be confusing to folks sometimes as to why their joints hurt even when they’re developing more strength in their muscles, and therein is the beginning of understanding this issue; your joints aren’t made up of muscle, they’re made up of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. ....

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  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Improvements to Ninja Squad!!

    Choose Your Own Adventure – Improvements to Ninja Squad!!

    With each day that passes, I am improving everything that I do. – Mestre Calango, Capoeira Rosa Rubra We are always trying to improve our programs to make our members happier, stronger, healthier and more successful! Coach Ed and Caleb just finished up our BRAND NEW checklist for our Ninja Squadders!!! EVERYONE is DIFFERENT! And parkour is a great outlet for expressing your unique abilities. To that point this new list will help everyone feel more accomplished in class and set goals for themselves that play toward their own unique strengths and preferences!! We will be allowing each student a couple “freebie” skills that will prevent them from getting ....

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  • Best Shoes for Parkour

    Best Shoes for Parkour

    Parkour is Beautiful in that the only pieces of equipment needed for the sport are loose-fitting clothing that’s easy to move in, and a good pair of shoes. However, one question always comes up; what constitutes a good parkour shoe? the sport of Parkour is a super demanding physical practice that asks a lot of its athletes and just as much, if not more, from their footwear. this blog post is here to help you pick a pair of shoes that match your style, your comfort level, and your skill level as much depends on how you train and where you train. For starters, All parkour shoes should have soft rubber soles. period. regardless of the type of shoe that you wear, traction is one of the ....

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  • Parkour Culture: The Motus Projects “Sole Destroyer” is now Live, and is absolute FIRE!

    Parkour Culture: The Motus Projects “Sole Destroyer” is now Live, and is absolute FIRE!

    Few teams have had the influence and clout in the Parkour community as much as The Motus Projects. While groups like Storror may have the most views and follows, and are famous in their own right helping out the likes of Michael Bay in his movies, and famous for their viral content, The Motus Projects is keeping the heart of Parkour alive with their BTS (behind-the-scenes) style training videos, and their gorgeous cinematography in choreographed, artfully directed films. Resurgence, their first film, sought out to prove that the London Parkour scene wasn’t dead, that it just evolved. In their latest film, Sole Destroyer, The Motus Projects have proved that not only is the ....

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  • UNAA Qualifier, 2020

    Girls, 9 and under 1. Teafilia Walton 10 pts00:50.20 2. Brooke Kenyon 10 pts01:24.33 Boys, 9 and under 1. Wyatt Herman 10 pts00:38.63 2. Sean Thomas 10 pts00:45.29 3. Owen westerlund 10 pts01:05.39 4. Gavin Stratton 9 pts00:56.62 5. Carter Young 9 pts01:18.44 6. Cian moriarty 8 pts01:16.61 7. Joseph Roy 8 pts01:59.74 8. Mason Roberts 6 pts01:01.19 Girls, 11 and under 1. Lilliana Boucher 14 pts02:24.89 2. Bria healy 10 pts02:16.90 3. Alivia Thomas 5 pts00:56.26 4. Abby The Monkey Bar Master 5 pts01:34.87 Boys, 11 and under 1. Collin Vitale 25 pts02:38.32 ....

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