The New Mainstream “IN” to Parkour

The childhood game that’s been played for who knows how long (seriously, I can’t find any official origin of tag) is now one of the largest Parkour events in the world! World Chase Tag (WCT) “was formed in 2011 by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux, after a game of Tag between Christian and his son, Orlando, in their back garden. […]

How to Stretch when Training Parkour

Have you ever woken up, got out of bed and start cracking and creaking like a glow stick all over your body and to you dismay, find yourself not glowing? While it’s improbable that you’ll ever enjoy spontaneous bioluminescence from your joints creaking and and cracking, it’s much more likely that your stiff, achy joints leave you feeling fatigued, grumpy, […]

Best Shoes for Parkour

Parkour is Beautiful in that the only pieces of equipment needed for the sport are loose-fitting clothing that’s easy to move in, and a good pair of shoes. However, one question always comes up; what constitutes a good parkour shoe? the sport of Parkour is a super demanding physical practice that asks a lot of its athletes and just as […]